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Express ConfigurHEDor

  • Expressconfig 700

Express ConfigurHEDor: Customize your own bodhrán online!
The Express ConfigurHEDor combines the advantages of a standard model with the possibilities of a custom-made instrument: a wide range of features to choose from, reasonable prices, and short delivery times - ready for shipping within 6 weeks!*
All bodhráns ordered through the Express ConfigurHEDor are coming with a diameter of 37 cm and the ChangeHED and isolatHED systems:

ChangeHED Logo Screen

The ChangeHed skinholding system allows to easily change the head and the tuning rim of the drum. This opens a lot of new possibilities: Christian Hedwitschak offers a great variety of tuning rims and skin types on his website, which all fit on the ChangeHED system. These offer a lot more future possibilities on top of the options listed here. The ChangeHED skin holding system is explained here in detail.

isolatHED Logo Farbe
With the isolatHED technology all contact points of the tuning screws are decoupled acoustically. This means that the tuning rim is now the only component still in direct contact with the drum skin. The result is a drum inside a drum, so to speak: First, there is the outer frame, which is in contact with the player’s body, holds the drum skin, and supports all components of the tuning system. Second, there is the independent tuning rim, which takes the sound off the drum skin like a pickup or a bridge.

As a result, the brilliance of sound is significantly improved, and the frequency spectrum becomes much more homogeneous. As less energy is absorbed by the main frame, there is also a measurable increase in loudness. All details can be found here.

With it's compact dimensions, a 37cm bodhrán is very accesible, even for smaller players. But then I am 6'6" tall and play a 37cm drum myself. Less travel for my skin hand and an even more compressed sound.

Design your own dream bodhrán from different drumheads, tuning rims, frame designs, and decorative ribbons. Your order is sent straight to Christian's workshop and immediately goes into production. You can also choose to receive real-time pictures of the production process.
You also have the option to decorate your frame with your own design (paint it, apply stickers or adhesive foil, etc.).

Please note: the quick delivery and the reasonable price despite individual production can only be acomplished with the options given below and with a diameter of 37 cm.

We will guide you through the configuration process. Just choose one option of each category, the price will update automatically.
Enjoy configuring your own hand-crafted bodhrán!

Price: 345.00 EUR (Netto: 289.92 EUR)
Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping
Delivery time 6 weeks*
Natural skin! Colouring may differ from the pictures shown below!
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